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During the recent years, the internet rose to become a significant part of our private and public lives.

The professionally designed presentation of your company on the web equally serves as your electronic business card as well as a distribution channel.

Besides the content and its design, it is important to never forget about aspects such as multilingualism, continuous integration with existing applications, reliability and expandability. Profit from our experience!

The trend in application development strongly tilts towards platform-independent web applications. Users are able to can organize appointments, send emails, plan projects and manage knowledge work flows from every browser.

Apart from the savings on license fees, this also greatly simplifies the administration of centrally managed applications.

Consequently, our service portfolio features a wide variety of complementary web-related services.

We design, realize and maintain ready-to-use web applications and e-commerce solutions that are up to your company's requirements; not only now but also in the future.

We supervise, optimize and advance existing web projects.

We consult on technical requirements or decisions regarding the software architecture during and along the development process.


For companies, whose business processes rely partly or wholly on the internet, the continuous and availability of error-free web services are crucial.

Through using of established monitoring tools, we supervise your website around the clock and ensure quick response times in cases of an emergency.

With our know-how and years of experience on our side, we can solve many potential problems in advance,which significantly reduce actual outages in production.

Content Management Systems

There is no business medium that changes as dynamically as the internet.

Besides the visual and functional aspects, the content of a web presentation is at the center of the attention, and the contemporaneity of the presented information is especially important.

Using a web content management system (web CMS) helps integrate this information quickly and easily.

You can profit from our years of experience in the conceptual design, development and implementation of CMS solutions.

Our services include consultation on your choice of the CMS, its customization, implementation and operation as well as the coaching and training of users.

Few examples

The Django CMS is based on the Django Project, which its developers call a "web framework for perfectionists with deadlines".

Based on Python, it is focused on rapid

development through clean and pragmatic design.

Adhering to these principles, the Django CMS is much more lightweight than most of its competitors, with the benefit of simplicity outweighing its shortage in out-of-the-box feathers.

When it comes to open-source enterprise web CMS solutions, TYPO3 is the current benchmark.

The core functionality of the system already offers plenty of possibilities for managing all kinds of textual and multimedia content. It also comprises a powerful editing system that has fine-tuned rights

management systems as well as versioning, workflow and workspace functionality.

Additionally, TYPO3's structure allows expansion first-rate add-ons, self-styled extensions. and plug-ins. The structure allows the system to be extremely versatile and can be adapted to handle almost any customer requirement in relation to web services.

Liferay Portal offers a requirements-based environment for hosting and provisioning services on the web interface of a company's portal, for publishing and managing their content, as well

as adapting and configuring existing functionality.

Rather than a pure CMS, Liferay is a runtime for complex, web-based company applications with the aim of uniting previously far-scattered, heterogeneous data and processes behind a single, homogeneous user interface.

While most CMS focus on efficient web publishing, Alfresco offers powerful collaboration, document and workflow management functionality, of which the web CMS only forms a subdomain.

This makes Alfresco the first open source enterprise CMS that compares with commercial solutions such as Documentum and SharePoint in relation to power and usefulness of the provided functionalities.

An open, service-oriented architecture (SOA) facilitates the external use and integration of the functionalities provided by Alfresco. The SOA and integration of functionalities make it perfectly suitable for modeling complex IT infrastructure and large business processes.