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" Making a project a success is about advancing the company as a whole, while holding course toward its long-term strategic goals. "


Holistic Approach

In order to achieve this, it is not enough for the person or company assigned with the development of the software to have the necessary fundamental skills; in regard to development methods and tools. They must also understand the basics of their customer's fields of activity.

They should regard themselves as "problem solvers", as "users' attorneys" and must not lose themselves playing around with irrelevant gadgetry.

At Kreios, we therefore do more for you than just write software. If you want, we'll also accept the responsibility for project management, do QA or coordinate the design of your overall UI. Above all, we use our brains during the process. Instead of just following a given plan, we ask questions and dig deep until we understand the underlying problem. Sometimes this results in new software being created. At other times though, we may also end up suggesting a change to one of your business processes as part of the solution.

Sustainable Solutions

Software solutions are rarely created on a greenfield, but most of the time as a logical step in the IT strategy and as an equal part in the heterogenous IT landscape of the financing company.

In regards to the protection of investments already made, it is therefore particularly important for a new application to integrate as seamlessly as possible with the existing systems.

The application itself, too, should also offer a number of well-defined, versatile technical interfaces to make the integration of future third-party systems as easy as possible. To this end, we heavily rely on open source applications and technologies. These provide an ideal basis for customization, at least from an economic point of view as well as the technical flexibility of the resulting solution.

Of course we won't just leave you alone with your new system. We strive for a long-term, trusting business relationship with our customers: A happy customer is the best proof of high-quality service and the best recommendation we can wish for. So we're there for you as long as you need us.