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Price sheet 2016

Please, find below, our price sheet representing the different profiles that Kreios is currently offering within its portfolio.
Specified prices are valid from 01.01.2016 until 31.12.2016.

TypeSample profilePrice/hourPrice/day
AOffshore software developer55€/hour440€/day
BSoftware developer, project manager assistant, analyst65€/hour520€/day
CSenior software developer, designer, senior analyst, project manager75€/hour600€/day
DSoftware architect, senior project manager90€/hour720€/day

Kreios reserves the right to update its price sheet on an annual basis. We stay in-line with the adaptions in relation to the indexation of salaries by the Luxembourgish government and we are responsive to usual market price changes.

In any instance, price sheet updates will take place the 1st of January. Kreios will inform its customers at least 3 months before (that is to say by 1st of September the latest).We will provide an appropriate announcement; if price updates will become effective at the start of the following year.

Please note that all confirmed bookings and purchase orders made until the 31st of December will not be affected by the price update.