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Gone are the days in which travelers had to be put off with simple, impersonal documents "off the shelf".

With MyTravelGuide, you will compile fully personalized travel guides from your existing customer and booking data in no time. MyTravelGuide is tailored to the travel routes and preferences of your customers.

Whether it is country-specific insider tips, event calendars, or richly illustrated detailed information on the booked services and local sights; everything appears personalized through and through, based on your data.

The system consists of numerous modular and expandable components, which simplies the adaptation to company specifics and to previously exclude non-standard requirements.

Discover MyTravelGuide

Core Functionalities

  • User-friendly module for managing editorial data such as articles on sight, richly illustrated insider tips, pictures.
  • User-friendly module for compiling and maintaining personalized travel guides per customer, even in the case of multiple bookings per customer
  • Automatic preselection of content according to the itinerary, the vehicle, and the known preferences of your individual customers.
  • Printing stage for automatic compilation of the personalized travel guide while taking into account the corporate identity of your company.
  • Multilingual user interface is currently available in German, English and French
  • Fit for the web: Thanks to open standards, once added, content and travel guides are easy to integrate into existing e-commerce applications. They can be made available to the customer through a personalized website.
  • Geo-coding of all content (PoIs, pictures, events) with the possibility of visualizing and realizing them via all popular geographical information systems such as Google Maps, Google Earth or Touratech QV
  • Automatic import of geo-coded image data from all commercially available digital cameras with EXIF support.
  • Flexible integration of all commercially available booking and CRM systems thanks to open interfaces.
  • Integration with all popular navigation systems.
  • Management of multilingual content.
  • Workflow support, i.e. content must be approved before it can be published.
  • Network support, i.e. multiple users can simultaneously work on the same data flows.
  • Support for multiple geographical areas (e.g. Australia, Africa, Asia) with separate data flow for each of them.

Ready To Use Out-Of-The-Box!

Even in its most basic version, MyTravelGuide is optimally aligned with the typical processes and requirements of an internationally active travel agency and tour operator. On demand, you can order pre-compiled content for your target area along with MyTravelGuide

Get informed!

  • Geo-coded content is listed in chronological order, according to the individual customers itinerary. Content is hidden if it is not possible to reach the relevant point of location within a reasonable amount of time. Apart from the actual distance, this algorithm also considers the type of vehicle available (e.g. planes, trains, and automobiles).
  • Depending on the customer profile, the most interesting and relevant content is highlighted prominently, while less important content can be hidden on demand.
  • Content only relevant for a certain date or time of the year is hidden if this date is not covered by any aspect of the journey.

None Like The Other

The content preselection of an individualized travel guide is done automatically, without depriving you of the possibility to make manual adjustments at a later date.

The system behaves intelligently and considers a number of criteria, depending on the configuration.

Special Features

Do not limit yourself to the presentation of your content on paper. Thanks to open interfaces, the integration with modern geographical information systems is a piece of cake: Whether it be a virtual flight of the camera along the planned route in Google Earth or the export of full content modules to and from

Touratech QV – everything is done in the blink of an eye and ready to be demonstrated to your customer.

Depending on the format and application, the output includes existing maps and pictures. For protection against data thieves, these will be made available in reduced resolution and secured with a watermark.

To provide optimal service to your customers booking individualized and off-road tours, in preparation as well as on site, MyTravelGuide offers the capability to export a GPS file from your booking and customer data that matches the content of the printed travel guide. After importing this file into a commercially available navigation system, finding

the sights mentioned in the travel guide becomes a walk in the park.

A GPS system is especially useful in the navigation of rough terrain or remote areas, because it helps to follow the possible incomplete signs on off-road tracks and simplifies navigation off the route. Your customers will thank you!

Besides generating the unique selling points for your company, the simplicity, in terms of usability and operation, of our products is particularly critical to us. After all, using them should be worth it for you, and the competitive advantage should not

be consumed immediately by other factors such as an expensive learning curve or personnel trainings.

For this reason, MyTravelGuide is realized with the latest Microsoft .NET interface technologies, allowing for flexible adaptation to your individual needs and wishes.