Bien que le contenu de notre site soit rédigé en anglais, sachez que nous parlons également Français et Allemand.

In everything we do to serve customer satisfaction, productivity and competitiveness, we never disregard the decisive factor:

The people in our company and their creative power.

Their mindset and actions shape the face of Kreios.

With our customers in mind, our people are striving to satisfy our clients' diverse needs and wishes a little better every day.

Why Is Kreios a Top Employer?

  • Although we are a software company active all over Europe, the number of external overnight stays per employee and month is very low.

    As usual with average values, of course this can vary with individual employees or for certain periods of time. However, at Kreios, there are no external stays for weeks on end.

  • Our employees take responsibility early on in the process and work on changing projects with advanced technology and concepts.

    Due to the continuous knowledge transfer within the company as well as by attending external trainings and conferences, you will be able to effectively and sustainably enhance the value of your workforce.

  • We are a small and personal company, creatively trying to provide each team member with the environment and opportunities allowing for individually optimal advancement – on a professional as well as on a personal level.

  • We offer a friendly, pleasant working atmosphere and an exciting environment in an ever-changing industry.

  • Our employees receive a fair and competitive compensation.

Can you identify yourself with our company philosophy? Do you feel like joining the team?

Then let's talk!

What We Offer

Are you a software engineer looking for a new challenge? Finally want to work in an environment where you get more than just blank looks from your colleagues when you tell them about that interesting blog article you have read the other day?

If so, why don't you give us a call? We're currently hunting for other kindred spirits based in the Luxembourg area in order to complement our existing team.

In a nutshell, here's how we think Kreios is different from some of the companies you may have worked at or with in the past:

What Kreios Is Not

  • A large company with established guidelines on how to best approach each aspect of your work
  • A pure consultancy firm (we do not do body shopping!)
  • A bank, insurance house or government institution
  • An easy environment for people who don't enjoy to continuously face new challenges and learn new things
  • A place where all of the work you are given already comes in the form of well-thought-out, bite-sized pieces

What Kreios Is

  • Versatile and efficient
  • Open to new ideas
  • Financially stable
  • Far from flawless
  • A great place to work at

Company Philosophy

  1. Be proud of your work and accept responsibility for the solutions you produce.
  2. Always question the way you do things. Never stop improving.
  3. Clearly communicate what you can and cannot do. Do not beat around the bush, you've got nothing to hide.
  4. Don't shy away from the tough problems and difficult decisions. If it hurts, do it early and do it often.
  5. Keep an open-minded and constructive attitude towards people who don't share your opinions and viewpoints. This is not a game you can win alone.
  6. Keep things simple. Technology is not an end in itself, but a tool for solving real-world problems.

Often, finding the best solution to a problem doesn't only require the use of technology, but also understanding and potentially adapting the environment that shapes it.

At Kreios, we do more than just write software. Despite our different national and technical backgrounds (ranging from game development to mechanical engineering), we all essentially commit to the same core company values.

If required, we'll also accept the responsibility for project management, do QA or coordinate the design of the application's overall UI. Above all, we use our brains during the process. Instead of just following a given plan, we ask questions and dig deep until we really understand the underlying problem.

Sometimes this results in new software being created. At other times, suggesting the underlying business process to change may turn out to be a more cost-effective long-term solution.

Our customers' main goal is to achieve the set company targets as systematically and cost-efficient as possible. In doing so, the development or adaptation of software often represents an important and frequently necessary step, but never an end in itself. Our people are therefore problem solvers first, and software engineers second.

Are You A Match?

When it comes to recruitment, experience has taught us to be rather picky. Here's what best describes the kind of people we are permanently searching for:

  • At work, you are among those constantly pushing for change and innovation.
  • You consider yourself an expert in at least one programming language and application framework (we don't really care which one that is).
  • You enjoy tinkering with technologies, both in your professional life and spare time
  • You are hard to please and discerning. In respect to the tools you use (instead of simply regurgitating everything mainstream currently deemed "trendy").
  • You don't have a vested interest in a specific tool or technology, i.e. you are happy to learn and use anything else.
  • You are fairly fluent in English, both written and spoken.
  • You either don't need or already have an active work permit for Luxembourg.
  • You have social skills and enjoy talking with people.
  • You are willing to come in for an (unpaid) test day here at Sandweiler. You will be given some pet project to work on and have the chance to meet up with the rest of our team.

Do you think we should get to know you? Send us your CV along with a few words to introduce yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Sounds interesting but stressful. How often do you guys ask your people to work overtime? Be honest!
  • Apart from the occasional "crunch time" (the final days before a major deadline or product release), we never ask for people to work more than the agreed-upon 8 hours a day.

  • What about the working hours at Kreios?
  • That mostly depends on the project you're working on at the time. The general rule of thumb is that everyone should try to be at the office between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. each day.

  • How often will I need to work directly on client site? Will I ever need to travel outside of Luxembourg?
  • Again, it depends on various factors. We typically try to do the bulk of the implementation work from Sandweiler. We only schedule client site visits to elicit new requirements, reverse-engineer a legacy system or attend an occasional management meeting (although there have been some exceptions to this rule in the past). On the other hand, business trips outside of Luxembourg are rare; however, attendance is strictly voluntary.

  • Can you say anything about your internal workflow? What tools, practices and processes do you use to organize your work?
  • Tool-wise, it's mostly the Atlassian toolchain (Jira, Confluence, Stash, etc.) for driving collaboration, Git for doing version control and IntelliJ/Eclipse/Visual Studio as primary development environment, nowadays. In terms of practices and processes, we usually apply test-driven development (TDD), do code reviews and try to implement at least some notion of SCRUM in almost all of our projects.

  • From the list of technologies/tools you've mentioned so far, I don't really know anything about X, Y and Z. Will that be a problem?
  • Absolutely not! Let's face it: many of the technologies in use today will already be largely obsolete in 5 years or less. What we do care about though is your ability to pick up new stuff, and do so quickly.