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Do you need help solving a concrete problem or evaluating possible alternatives ?

Within the scope of our classic IT consulting, we will gladly help you to fully exploit the automation potential of your company and minimize the risk of expensive erroneous decisions from the start.

We are happy to consult!

Frequently, external, neutral and unpolitical analyses are necessary to take and implement the optimal decision. The experience we gathered by working with various customers, businesses and technologies will help in succeeding with your project.

We support you with objective analyses, undogmatic concepts and effective operational work.

Our service approach comprises of understanding business processes and supporting them with IT systems.

In close cooperation with our customers, we acquire a sound understanding of their specific processes in order to be able to provide better consulting on the conceptual design of new or improved IT systems.

Such an approach is methodically universal and therefore – thanks to open standards and technologies – not limited to particular industries.

For certain industrial sectors, such as tourism or public administration, we already bring a sound basic knowledge acquired in past projects.

Consulting Areas

Kreios is not a pure consulting company, but rather a full-service provider for IT integration.

The possibilities and shapes of classic IT consulting vary as much as the projects and customers making use of it.

Architecture Consulting

Every software system has architecture. But for some,it may have grown wild, resulting from a number of technological decisions possibly not related to each other, or from the continuous refinement of a system planned in advance. Our experts will work together with your specialists to draw up a sustainable architecture for your system.

Requirements Engineering Support

It is Kreios policy that employees be trained in communication and moderation techniques. At Kreios, employees are familiar with the perils and quirks of a well-structured requirements analysis due to their extensive project experience. We help you understand the requirements and peculiarities better; this applies to new as well as existing applications. and we compare them to your set goals.

Technology Consulting

You are facing the challenges of a new technology on the market. The deadline is set. The support of experienced experts helps avoid beginner mistakes and typical pitfalls, significantly reducing project risks.

Public Call For Tenders

Your company wants to apply for private or public calls for tenders. but may be you are lacking experience?In any case, we will gladly help you to work out the required offers and overcome administrative barriers.

Process Optimization

You understand the problem, maybe you do not. The project team is motivated and more than experienced in all technical aspects, but you are not overly satisfied with the quality and predictability of the actual results.

This is not an uncommon situation. Many software development projects fail because they are realized with an unsuitable process model and without sufficient user involvement. Our years of experience in the areas of development processes, project management and quality management, make us qualified happy to help you critically analyze established processes and practices.


The use of new technologies and methods as well as the integration of previously unknown factors often represent the biggest uncertainties in the planning of a new software project. After all, you might be lacking the experience necessary to reliably estimate the expected time effort, and the budget necessary for the successful realization of the project.

Building highly specialized prototypes (so-called "tracer bullets") delivers the results needed for producing a reasonable feasibility and cost estimate early on in the project.

Operational Support

The most important concerns have been addressed, but your team just does not have enough minds and hands. Kreios helps by bridging potential bottlenecks. Our experienced developers are focused and independent and will quickly become productive in a way that benefits your company.