Bien que le contenu de notre site soit rédigé en anglais, sachez que nous parlons également Français et Allemand.

Company Profile

Kreios S.à r.l. is a specialist for the conceptual design and development of high-end customized software, tailored to the needs of our clients.

Since our inception in 2006, we have become a constant on the European market for IT services (especially in the Saar-Lor-Lux region). Our customers consist of national as well as international, public as well as private organizations of all kinds. Besides the development of tailor-made industry solutions, the execution of architectural and safety audits and the conceptual design and implementation of modern, ready-to-use web applications, we also offer individually designed IT trainings and workshops.

In these modern times, the growth potential of the company, in manufacturing as well as in service, seems to be directly related to the availability of IT systems.Those IT systems adequately reflect the needs and processes of this very business. However, in computing, the only constant is change. Combined with a lack of experience in most companies, financial and organizational planning for IT systems quickly becomes a highly nontransparent challenge and a project manager's nightmare.

As a partner with years of experience in the conceptual design, implementation and deployment of customized software products, we attach great importance to uniting extensive technological knowledge with economic know-how and an entrepreneurial spirit. Besides the IT system itself, this holistic approach also considers the business processes surrounding it, encompassing the long-term goals of the company. The holistic approach allows us to guarantee for a sustainable high quality standard and the success of your project.

What We Do

Apart from working on our own product (MyTravelGuide, see below), the primary business nowadays is that of developing and maintaining a wide selection of custom-built software applications.

Examples of typical Kreios projects include:

  • A web-based product portal for an international vendor of fire extinguishing solutions (built on top of HTML5, AngularJS, Python, Django and Heroku)
  • A workflow-driven production system for a large contractor of the European union (built on top of J2EE, .NET, Adobe Flex, Python, SciPy and OpenCV)
  • An order management application driving the back-office processes of many web shops and B&M stores all over the world (built on top of J2EE, Zk, Eclipse Xtext/Xtend and several proprietary DSLs)
  • A web portal for a local government agency (built on top of PHP and Symfony)
  • MyTravelGuide: A web-based service licensed to tour operators. It automates the generation of highly personalized travel guides on a per-booking basis (built on top of HTML5, Python, Django, Celery, RabbitMQ and speedata Publisher/LaTeX)

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The Team

Dominique Brogard
Managing Partner

Special skills : Web technologies and design

Christian Hillerkus
Lord of Sales
Managing Partner / Technical Lead

Special skills : System architecture and design

Ralph Schlesser
Web Programmer Extraordinaire

Special skills : Web technologies; Python/Django


Mathias Briquemont
Adobe Evangelist
Lead Designer

Special skills : UX/UI design; Photography; Adobe Creative Suite

Jonas Godin
Resident Schemer

Special skills : C#, C and computer sciences

Piran Merkl
Safe Hands
Project Manager

Special skills : Project management; Customer Service and Physics

Fabienne Dumortier
Jeanne d'arc of spreadsheets
Project Manager

Special skills : Organisation, Process analysis & improvement

Julia Thiesen
Mother bear
Management Assistant

Special skills : Project management

Alexander Gunn
Quality gate
Project Lead

Special skills : Analysis, Project Management

Markus Lenz
Senior Developer

Special skills : Web technologies; Python/Django

Matthew Hawker
WebTec Guru
Senior Developer

Special skills : Web technologies

Andreas Macherey
Tourism Guru
Managing Partner

Erika Veithen
Chief Of Coins